About nexus

Nexus Business Centre is privately owned & always looking to expand.

We are currently located in Galt,  the heart of Cambridge,Ontario #GaltLove

It all started with one man with strong determination. A man who loves to be hands on and takes the time to know each of his tenants. He wanted to create a second a home for business owners & that's is exactly what he did. Nexus is not just any old building full of offices, its a place where a diverse group of business' come together & become a second family. Although he does so much, he could not do this alone. He has put together an incredible team to help him & his tenants feels right at home. 

This mans name is Grant. 

Nexus Business Centre has been in business for over 27 years.

27 years of dedication to his tenants & the success of their business'. 

Nexus will provide you with the the perfect environment to grow and establish your business.  Whether that be needing a large office space, just a desk or  even multiple offices. We can work together to make your new office right for you!